Koh Tao

Welcome to beautiful Koh Tao

The island isn’t very big. From north to south it stretches around 7 km en east to west 2 km. The island has three main areas all of them are connected to a road. You arrive by boat or catamaran at the pier of Maa Haad Village. Most stores and shops on the island can be found here. At the end of the main road thru Mae Haad take a left en after 2 km you will reach Sai Ree Village. It is here you will find most bars and restaurants, and will be able to party all night long. If you take a right on the main road you will reach Chalok Baan Kao Village after 2 km. It’s a little more quiet here and you can find affordable hostels in the village. You will find numerous beautiful beaches along the road between Sairee and Chalok, ideal for snorkling or just an afternoon of sunbathing.

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A favorite is Freedom Beach. This small round beach has a spectacular view on all sides. Koh Tao is known to be a divers paradise and all around the island you can find breathtaking divesites. Even if diving is not your thing there is enough to be found on Koh Tao. Yoga, Muy Thai fighting, shopping in one of the many stores, taking the cablecar in the north or drinking cocktails and watching the sunset. Taking a Thai cook or language course is also a fun way of spending time on Koh Tao. When your travelling with a group you can rent a longtail boat en make a trip around the island, laying anker at idyllic small beaches. Don’t forget Shark Beach where you can snorkel and will see and admire the small Black Tip Reef Sharks. Don’t worry…… they won’t bite!!